Infinity Blade: Redemption

Infinity Blade: Redemption

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Signed by Brandon Sanderson!

Long months have passed since Siris and the God King, enemies betrayed together, were left to rot in the prison at the Vault of Tears.  Their true enemy, the Worker of Secrets, creator of the Infinity Blade itself, now reins.  Upon finally obtaining freedom, Siris must unravel plots that seem to make no sense, lead a rebellion with no direction, and fight against the division within his very heart.  the secrets unraveled will dig backward in time toward the origins of the Deathless and the true nature of the world itself...

This book is the printed edition of the Redemption storyline taking place after the iOS game Infinity Blade II, part of the Infinity Blade universe owned by Epic Games. This is the second book that was written in that universe. We do not carry the first book, Infinity Blade: Awakening.

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