Vorin Heralds Pendant

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The Badali Jewelry artists have created the Vorin Heralds ™ Pendant.  The Stormlight Archive medallion is skillfully handcrafted in your choice of yellow bronze, antiqued bronze, or white bronze. The pendant features the image of each of the ten Heralds or servants of the Almighty worshiped by the followers of Vorinism ™.  Each herald is considered the patron to one of the Orders of the Knights Radiant ™ and each represents one of the primary and secondary divine attributes of The Stormlight Archive universe.


Please allow up to four to six weeks for delivery. Each piece is custom made by Badali Jewelry.


The Heralds pendant measures approximately 44.7 mm (1 3/4") long including the bail, 38.1 mm (1 1/2") wide, and 3.7 mm (just over 1/8") at the thickest point.  The Stormlight Archive necklace weighs approximately 20.5 grams. 

Choose from a 24" long stainless steel rope chain or a 24" long black leather cord.  A 20" long sterling silver box chain is available for an additional $12.00.