Vin's Earring

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Vin wears this simple earring throughout the novels as the only memento she has from her mother. The "stud" is a silver-plated bronze earring in the books, but the Badali version is solid sterling silver for comfortable wear. It's available in two styles: hoop style for standard piercings, and gauge style for 8 gauge (3 mm) to 6 gauge (4 mm) piercings.

Please allow up to four to six weeks for delivery. Each piece is custom made by Badali Jewelry.

The hoop style earring measures approximately 19.5 mm (just over 3/4") top to bottom, 20.1 mm (13/16") wide, and 4.6 mm (3/16") at the thickest point. It weighs approximately 1.8 grams. The gauge style earring measures approximately 19 mm (3/4") top to bottom, 16.5 mm (5/8") wide, and 5.3 mm (just under 1/4") at the thickest point. It weighs approximately 2.8 grams.