Vial Necklace

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We're very excited to offer this Mistborn Allomantic Vial pendant. These pendants are shaped to carry a small vial of metals, and each pendant comes with one vial included in the cost. The vial can be removed from the pendant and replaced with alternate metals vials (sold separately). 

Choose the metal vial you want to come with your pendant. Each of the metals are the specific metal mentioned save for three cases. The atium vial comes with a bead of mysterious metal, the malatium vial comes with shavings of a mysterious metal, and the electrum vial comes with heat-treated sterling silver in it. All have cork tops save for the gold vial, as the gold is suspended in glycerne and required an airtight plastic top. You can also choose a mixture of the eight basic metals. 

We also sell a package that includes one of each of the metal vials, including the mixture, along with the main pendant.

A 24" plated chain or a 24" black leather cord come free with the pendant. You also have the option to upgrade to a more valuable chain

The pendant is available in sterling silver and 14k gold. The Mistborn Vial pendant measures approximately 34.5 mm (1 3/8") long, 10.2 mm (just over 3/8") wide and 11.8 mm (just under 1/2") thick. The pendant weighs approximately 4.4 grams in sterling silver / approximately 5.5 grams in 14k gold.

Please allow up to four to six weeks for delivery. Each piece is custom made by Badali Jewelry.