Roshar Foil Fine Art Print

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Limited Edition Foil Fine Art Print
We've been told these fine art prints are the most-beautiful prints we've offered so far, and we have to agree. Printed at a specialty printer in the UK, the maps are created through a process involving printing on tooled foil, and the result is fantastic.Watch the video to see how the light reflects off the surface, creating various effects from different directions.
Careful!: We take every precaution to make sure your map arrives as perfect as possible. But please note: the foil used to create the effect is delicate and takes easily to indentation, so some variation in texture is expected. While there is a protective coating, it is thin to allow the luster of the print to shine through. Once the print is unrolled, lay it flat, and it will regain its shape over time.
Warning!: This product is sensitive to heat and must not be exposed to the direct rays of the sun, or stored or displayed near radiators or other in other hot conditions.
Measurements: approx. 29-1/8" x 16-5/8"
This is a limited print run of 1000 unnumbered prints. When they're gone, they're gone for good.
Artwork by Isaac Stewart. Copyright Dragonsteel Entertainment.