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Q: Why isn't my order updating?
A: When you make an order, an email is automatically sent to you to confirm your order. Another email will be automatically sent to you when a shipping label is made for your order that will have a tracking number for you to use to keep an eye on your shipment. There really is not a step in between for us to update your order. Your order status is PENDING until we make a label. Thank you for your patience!
Q: I paid for Priority Mail four days ago why haven't I received my order?
A: We are not Amazon. Sorry. Priority shipping means you get your order faster once it gets to the post office. It takes time to process your order, but we promise we are hurrying! 
Q: The personalization option isn't available?  When will it be available again?  Can I get an email when it's available again?  Or get on a list for the queue when it's activated?
A: The personalization queue has a limited amount of space, and Brandon is often very busy or out of town, but he comes in to personalize books when he can.  When the placed personalized orders are completed and there is room for more orders, we will open the option again.  We cannot estimate when this will happen, just keep an eye on the store.  We don't have an email list for people who want to get their books personalized.  We look forward to getting orders out as soon as we can!  Thanks for your patience!
Q: Can I get an estimate of when my order will arrive?
A: No. We are trying to get out orders as fast as possible. Personalizations can't be estimated due to us relying on Brandon to write them. Sometimes he is on tour, on vacation, sick, or recharging. Please remember he is writing amazing books for you!
Q: Why does it cost so much to ship?
A: Books are heavy. Shipping is determined by weight. We don't set the prices. Posters are a pain to set up correct shipping rates. If you are an international customer and trying to order posters and the numbers don't look right, please email us for help or ask for adjusted shipping in the comments box. 


Please remember we are a SMALL BUSINESS,

there are only a few of us running this store.

Thanks for your patience!