Allomantic Table Medallion

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This intricate medallion is in the shape of the Allomantic Metals table, also known as the Steel Alphabet, from the Mistborn books. This is the table as it exists in book three of the novels, with atium and malatium included.

Brandon adds: "This might just be my favorite piece that Badali has done for any of my works. I love the weight of this, the feel of it, and the detail. I also really like that there's an affordable, and durable, pewter version for sale. It's a versatile piece—while it's displayed here as a medallion to be worn around the neck, I use one as a keychain, while I know someone else who uses theirs hooked to their cell phone. A perfect, affordable gift for any Mistborn fan, male or female."

Please allow up to four to six weeks for delivery. Each piece is custom made by Badali Jewelry.

Choose from a 24" long double rope rhodium plated chain or a 24" long black leather cord. A 20" silver box chain is available for an addition cost.

The Steel Alphabet Medallion is cast in pewter or solid sterling silver. The pewter version meansures approximately 43.3 mm (1 11/16") long, 36.5 mm (1 7/16") wide, and 2.9 mm (1/8") thick, and weighs 19.7 grams. The silver version measures approximately 42.3 mm (1 11/16") long, 36.4 mm (1 7/16") wide, and 2.4 mm (1/4") thick, and weighs approximately 19.3 grams.